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My First App in 2012 and The Last of 2011!!

Feeling Happy after creating a Simple Greeting Card App For New Year!! Written in Java , needs jdk for execution- thats the reason it dint run on most of my frnd’s pcs!! Fatal error! Anyway Happy it runs on my system!! Hosted it here .

Coding is Fun!



Listened to some podcasts,was very informative, reserving for my long boring ‘college to home’ rides.

IBM -Developer Works

Read a basic Of AJAX and Yep as I already knew it was the same old stuff but a little enlightening! Found IBM’s Developer Works with really interesting stuff. At my first peeping of IBM’s site it was all greek!

Now It’s got little familiar. Gotta Checkout the developers Blog.  Read articles on Interelating Ajax with Php  and Sajax ToolKit. Huh thats quiet schezophrenic.

First !

Am Kinda New to blogging stuff but nevermind, am just  viewing this as my personal diary.

I’ve been programming from my 9th grade(Thanks to C,Though am a late starter ). Since then coding and viewing the result OnScreen fantasized me.  Doing a search enabled Phonebook was my first initiative project and yeah with a worst algorithm anyone in this world would have ever written! (Cyclometric Complexity in terms of space will be 9.9)

Since then I made my leap to Html (Thanks to TCS). which i admired coz of its visual response! I did a job too coding to convert pdf to html stuff. Thats the end of my html ride.

So I crawled gradually to C++,Java,tried J2ME for mobile phones.

Then comes, ‘php’ and ‘SQL’  just the level to create a ‘ partially working ‘ Social Networking Site (I named it Joe’s Connect!) with zero presentation score. Today I hosted it here . 

First blog. Must be bad. My Log.

Have miles to go before I sleep.