First !

Am Kinda New to blogging stuff but nevermind, am just  viewing this as my personal diary.

I’ve been programming from my 9th grade(Thanks to C,Though am a late starter ). Since then coding and viewing the result OnScreen fantasized me.  Doing a search enabled Phonebook was my first initiative project and yeah with a worst algorithm anyone in this world would have ever written! (Cyclometric Complexity in terms of space will be 9.9)

Since then I made my leap to Html (Thanks to TCS). which i admired coz of its visual response! I did a job too coding to convert pdf to html stuff. Thats the end of my html ride.

So I crawled gradually to C++,Java,tried J2ME for mobile phones.

Then comes, ‘php’ and ‘SQL’  just the level to create a ‘ partially working ‘ Social Networking Site (I named it Joe’s Connect!) with zero presentation score. Today I hosted it here . 

First blog. Must be bad. My Log.

Have miles to go before I sleep.



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