Monthly Archives: January 2012


I am Stuck in a Cliche, Depressed, Brooding . Cant Jump,cant stay- God! I Love computers, the semicolons, the Codes, that satisfaction of Experiencing a Succesful Code , An Executing Program (Though not a developer to call it an ‘App’), The charm Of languages, The Power they give you! Hey Stop!- Wher’s your assignment? Have an Internals Tomorrow, Prepared? Observation corrected? Where’s the leave letter?  Sorry I could’nt Express my scenario better than this.

I’m almost dead. Just not able to be regular College Student. I Need to pass out with a degree, My background needs me to. But Me?  Dilemma, Procrastination , Whatever! I really couldn’t overcome. Hope Someday all colleges will stop working and there’s no need to work as a slave for money. Something is not alrite :(