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“We go to college to learn” “Oh, Really?”

Phrases that turn me red-faced in college is actually not – Exam Tomorrow – or – World is going to end tonight. Actually it is

“Tuck in your shirt”

“Wear your ID card”

“Whats that hairstyle”

“Put on your hand cuffs”

“No Observation ? Observation incomplete? STAND OUT “

I wonder manytimes what are they trying to do ? Stuff the students to  Make something better , Imagine something bigger.,shake the world with by unleashing their potential ! or to generate a bunch of assholes who never hesitate to sit  back and work as modern punctual tucked in hand cuffed slaves exclusively with a tendency not to imagine more than a snapshot of “monthly salary and a professional look with a stamp of corporate employee”. Awesome. College is doing its job.


SVN vs Git


Unlike most, am moving from from git version controlling to svn. No, am not moving! am making myself adaptive to svn as well.

I see mediawiki and wordpress are using svn, and it was unusually funny to read wordpress’s expression of How they moved on to modern svn system from older CVS. I couldn’t help,thinking  “Poor guys, still they haven’t heard of github”  Yet they have a github repo which updates every 30 minutes or so. Intelligent guys.I need to find out if I can also use github for making my contributions.
Am Honest enough, Have no idea which one is better, but I may want to stamp github as easy and clean.

With github no confusions-We

  • Fork a repo-clone it to our local machine
  • Make changes-Commit it
  • Push it and open a pull request
  • Sit back and sip my pepsi

With SVN

  • Create a repo
  • Checkout a repo from software’s native svn site or whatever(I seriously don’t know if any central hubs like github exists for svn.Maybe?)
  • Make my chnges-Commit it
  • Create a patch file or diff file(Still dont know whether they work the same way or completely different,Aaaaaarrggg have to try working with them more!)
  • Submit the patch file by uploading it.This is the worst part!Upload!


We dont have our private remote workspace as in github.That sucks.Gonna miss you.

Lets watchout for more.