SVN vs Git


Unlike most, am moving from from git version controlling to svn. No, am not moving! am making myself adaptive to svn as well.

I see mediawiki and wordpress are using svn, and it was unusually funny to read wordpress’s expression of How they moved on to modern svn system from older CVS. I couldn’t help,thinking  “Poor guys, still they haven’t heard of github”  Yet they have a github repo which updates every 30 minutes or so. Intelligent guys.I need to find out if I can also use github for making my contributions.
Am Honest enough, Have no idea which one is better, but I may want to stamp github as easy and clean.

With github no confusions-We

  • Fork a repo-clone it to our local machine
  • Make changes-Commit it
  • Push it and open a pull request
  • Sit back and sip my pepsi

With SVN

  • Create a repo
  • Checkout a repo from software’s native svn site or whatever(I seriously don’t know if any central hubs like github exists for svn.Maybe?)
  • Make my chnges-Commit it
  • Create a patch file or diff file(Still dont know whether they work the same way or completely different,Aaaaaarrggg have to try working with them more!)
  • Submit the patch file by uploading it.This is the worst part!Upload!


We dont have our private remote workspace as in github.That sucks.Gonna miss you.

Lets watchout for more.




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