“We go to college to learn” “Oh, Really?”

Phrases that turn me red-faced in college is actually not – Exam Tomorrow – or – World is going to end tonight. Actually it is

“Tuck in your shirt”

“Wear your ID card”

“Whats that hairstyle”

“Put on your hand cuffs”

“No Observation ? Observation incomplete? STAND OUT “

I wonder manytimes what are they trying to do ? Stuff the students to  Make something better , Imagine something bigger.,shake the world with by unleashing their potential ! or to generate a bunch of assholes who never hesitate to sit  back and work as modern punctual tucked in hand cuffed slaves exclusively with a tendency not to imagine more than a snapshot of “monthly salary and a professional look with a stamp of corporate employee”. Awesome. College is doing its job.



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