Gnome Vs Unity Vs Kde

Ubuntu was fun, all the time! except till it crashes. And it crashes often.  I found that my ram takes responsibility for it. It was overburdened with jobs it cant accomodate. so why that linux ,developed by a plethora of expert programmers out there didn’t think about this?. Ofcourse I was stupid. They had thought more than me.

Honest enough , just now came to know that unlike windows or mac, opensource linux has pretty a number of desktop environments(GUI,not themes). and I found Gnome and Kde quiet interesting. Unity is the default package which comes loaded with  ubuntu 11.10 and thats the culprit which blocked my ram which was about 1 Gb.
I set to move on to different  environment which would consume a bit lesser physical memory and I found Gnome classic is doing good both ways. Performance as well as looks.  I tried Kde Plasma 4.7 released recently. It might be  treat to your eyes, but without atleast a couple of Gb physical memory, you will be lost!

P.S Unity also is built upon Gnome 3.x and Unity 2D upon Gnome 2.x.

Thus I Lived Happily Everafter with Gnome Classic. :-))



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