Are we students, stupid?

Huh! I’m past one day for completion of web technology lab record. Forced down to waste time on it, I came across this very strange thing! perhaps queer to me?

They have written algorithm for a html source code. Yes, that’s true!

Personally I don’t even classify html as a programming language, of course its a way of putting content and its structure and thats why they named it as markup language.

And Algorithms for putting content in a format? Seems like * have lost their mind students have gone insane (pardon if am a bit rude, but hey! I’m wasting time on this boy!).

Worser-Students had written them.

And worst- It has a Start the program and End the program!

  • Is the whole of anna university writing algorithms for html?
  • Algorithms for Javascript,JSP- thats perfect. Ofcourse they solve problems and we need algorithms, but this?

Hope we are not a herd of dumb-boxes.



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