20 Tips For Your First Job

Found a post, quiet interesting. http://atulchitnis.net/2011/first-job/

  1. Write down everything you do, and be prepared to show it to your manager if ever asked “so what have you done this month?”
  2. A job is not a competition, no matter what you may have heard. Your coworkers are on your team, as is your manager.
  3. This is not school/college. You won’t lose marks because you don’t know something. You WILL if you don’t say so!
  4. Don’t be afraid of stating an opinion – be afraid of NOT stating one. You could be wrong, but won’t know if you don’t pipe up!
  5. Employers aren’t really looking for a bunch of yes-(wo)men. But they aren’t looking for a bunch of revolutionaries, either.
  6. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you are young. You will thank me for this advice.
  7. Dare to look beyond your given assignment. “Good enough” never is.
  8. Take criticism of your work as a compliment – your work got noticed! Now fine-tune it to get it right.
  9. If you thought that everything you learnt in college was irrelevant, you are about to get a wakeup call. Never stop learning.
  10. Smile. It makes everything better, every job easier, every person nicer, everyone around you happier. (I never learnt this)
  11. Despite what it feel like, no one (manager, co-worker) is out to get you. If you perform well, everyone wins.
  12. Being better than others doesn’t get you a promotion or a raise. Helping the team to be as good as you, however, does.
  13. There is no tip #13.
  14. Listen. Carefully. Ask questions – the only stupid question is the one you DON’T ask.
  15. It’s always about the team, the work and the organisation – never about you. (I learnt this when it was almost too late).
  16. If you find yourself with no assigned task, either ask for one, or go looking for stuff you can do.
  17. Dress sensibly. Torn jeans and crazy tshirts may seem hep, but lets down your organisation’s image.
  18. Personal hygiene is important. Bathe, brush, shave (if appropriate). Carry & use a comb. People notice & appreciate neatness.
  19. If you see something that needs doing, DO IT! If you see someone doing something that needed doing, pitch in and help!
  20. Enjoy yourself and your work. If you don’t, find out why, and fix it. You will have only one first job in your life – make it count.
  21. While you may ignore all my tips for your first job – don’t ever skip breakfast.

And remember: your parents brought you up to be able to see this day, to see you spread your wings and fly. This is our reward.



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