DevLog: Download status notification

  • After a bit of work, added a download status notification to
  • The logic is fairly simple –
  • Get the content size of the file by parsing metadata , something like and query for getheaders(“Content-Size”)[0]
  • Returns a dictionary – contaning size of file at [0], Now read the file by temporary blocks of memory
  • say block_size = 1 * 1024 (or if you give 10*1024 its just gona affect your refresh rate or loop cycle rate, no much difference)
  • Now read the contents of file block by block and sum it up in file_size_read, Maybe a buffer = will do
  • For every cycle of read loop,  ( file_size_read / file_size )* 100  will furnish me the percentage of file downloaded at every refresh, It’s that simple.
  • So polished it, disintegrated the code into reusable function modules and pushed it up

This can also be named as “How To Get Screwed In Numerical Methods Modal Exam Tomorrow”



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