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  • Writing a Blog in RAW php without a Framework was like building from the scratch all over again , pushing my hands to try with a Framework.
  • Decided to try using Python and Django.It’s all fun
  • Needed a basic understanding of MVC
  • Wrote very unit models for Categories and Posts and also corresponding Views to handle them
  • Used Markdown for string to html conversion.
  •  Need to add a Rich Text Environment.Honestly, I don’t know how to do it.
  • Designed a skeletal Template to get it to work and pushed it
  • Need to add Tagging, Multiple Authors, Socializing plugin for the blog ,that’s a long way nowhere before semester.

Two more days and I’ll be pushed to EXAM_MODE.


I have an Android Mobile. I have a Plan. I have a long way before putting them together.

  • Android runs upon a linux kernel basically, that opens me a wide range of possibilities.
  • We can use the serial port of the device,for things more than transferring files from pc.
  • Maybe I can use the port for a keyboard, or a mouse, or sticking in a USB storage , or anything, given its drivers are available. Since it’s a linux kernel, I won’t have any problem with getting drivers I fancy.
  • Android provides two modes of serial port operation-USB Accessory Mode-USB Host Mode and currently my device’s kernel doesn’t suppport USB Host mode Drivers. Thats Expected Problem# 1.
  • I have to flash my own ROM (cyanogenmod or similar) ,building a kernel with USB Host Mode Driver.
  • Doing this without bricking my device :  99% completed.
  • Buy a OTG Cable to convert microUSB male of my device into a USB Female port, or in my case I’m planning to make one myself(I read somewhere that grounding a specific terminal from normal MicroUSB to USB cable will tell the device to act as a host and provide power to the cable)!
  • Plug it, connect the device, Enjoy.

Someday When I’m rich enough to put me into  “Phone bricked? Never Mind”  state, I’ll surely try this.

If you need to have 250 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, what chance do you have of getting quality lecturers? So you make do with what you have – which is mostly lecturers who couldn’t get jobs anywhere else.

And then they force students through 4 years of mindless torture, while the college authorities devote time to useless things like banning jeans for women and cellphones on campus.

Why College Sucks? (Remodified v2.0)

College is ruining us. Here’s How,

I’ve Deliberately cut off this part of original text to save myself from “Internals cut for accusing college” catastrophe.I’ll add the cut off text part after I’m done with college

Continued…With more than 300 Engineering colleges in Chennai, Yes ofcourse, we can’t expect quality teaching. but when you cant, then why not let students do?

Honestly, I’m under a Lecturer handling practicals for OBJECT ORIENTED ANALYSIS AND DESIGN who doesn’t hesitate to ask us save the Rational Rose Project under .JAVA extension and we terribly know its .mdl, and I’m under a class tutor who thanks another Staff wholeheartedly for guiding him convert doc file to pdf,as if he saved his life. Oh I can keep this going for another hundred lines, but this is not the case of all the staff.I’ve seen staffs who are real geniuses,not many.

Why is it that the other lot, don’t confess they are not ready enough to make a bunch of database management professionals, or web programmers or kernel hackers or enterprise application developers or atleast simply developers. Pardon, if these sound above your range. As far by third year of college now, we already covered these, in our curriculum and sadly, we don’t know it yet.

So why? because we are not taught by people who are meant to teach things.“That doesn’t include everybody”

We start writing socket programming in c, right after we write the Calculator Program.
We study Artificial Intelligence as just another arithmetic paper with different logic.with different formulaes.
We memorize jsp and servlet programs without knowing what on earth is Server Side Programming and Client Side Programming.
Oh We know what a ‘semaphore’ is. yeah its a definition,fetching 2 mks. What is a kernel? – No we didn’t study!

We go to College.We sit in class. We take notes, all greek and latin and listen to – what event object properties, javascript provides and probably we never asked why javascript? and why not anything else?

We learn in the most worst way and keep building on it when at the end of the day we realize our base is an ominous hole of no return.
Its quiet tolerable if they atleast do keep building things in air, but it’s worser still.
Most of the time we are asked for assignments, one that we use to copy.
Observations that lecturers dont even care know what it is.Well,its do.observe what happens.record.
For them, observations are ‘one more weapon’ with which they can ruin their student’s poor curious minds. This list wil go on. Let me stop here(again to avoid internals-cut for miswriting).The question is where in this mind-breakingly insane process, we get time to THINK and DO SOMETHING that aids real learning.

So I’m not going to say boycott your lecturers and classroom teaching. I just prefer putting more effort in learning what we like and not doing what they like. I’m not a settled person and pretty obviously I don’t have a compelling reason to tell you. May be a very enlightening interview with a chennai born Microsoft Professional will do. Mr. Shriram. I like this part, where he says:

What do you think of the current “Education System” in India?

Loaded question and one that I pontificate on at length all too often.

I think it is broken. Here’s why.

Human beings think. They are good at it too. However, no school or college encourages you to think. Human beings are good at doing new things. The greatest things in our history have come from someone asking ‘What if’ or ‘Why’

But in school, you’ll probably be branded as a brat if you ask ‘Why’.

All throughout school and college, I saw people being taught to be the same. I saw individualism suppressed. Being yourself was bad – being like everyone else was good.

College was worse than school. If you need to have 250 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, what chance do you have of getting quality lecturers? So you make do with what you have – which is mostly lecturers who couldn’t get jobs anywhere else.

And then they force students through 4 years of mindless torture, while the college authorities devote time to useless things like banning jeans for women and cellphones on campus.

I’ve always dreamed of someday setting up a school where people would be encouraged to think for themselves. Where they would be taught to question everything.

I told someone recently ‘The most useful time I spent in school and college was in the time away from class. In school, the most valuable thing I learnt was how to speak on stage, thanks to all the culturals I went to. In college, it was all the days I bunked and wrote code at home’

Question Everything. That’s a good mantra for everyone.

If you have a bit of my DNA, Dont miss reading the whole interview at

Stay thinking. Thinking out of classroom walls.

Ajax in IP Lab Exam

So if you are tired of trying to get w3school’s HelloWorld Ajax example to run in your Pc locally – Stop!
Its not gonna work unless you have a local server up and running.
Thanks to Azhar.

Thats because, remember ajax depends on a xmlHttp Object for sending and recieving data, This should obviously mean that the file you try to access like ajax_info.txt from w3school’s example should be accessible over http.

So, first install a local server capable of accessing files in your disk and that should make your example work. Enough of scribbles. Lets move to our step by step thing

  • Install a server. In our exam its going to be tomcat6.  Get it running on your system.
  • Dont forget to checkbox the examples option while installing, it would be of use if you happen to be a geek.
  • Launch the browser,  point  to and look for the tomcat page. If nothing turns up, error! check your installation.
  • If everything is fine, Just move you ajax programs to the webapps directory of your tomcat installation
  • You may probably find that directory in something like C:/program files/Apache software …/tomcat6/webapps
  • Now run the program by calling

Abracadabrah! It works!

And if you ever  want to experiment something, more than our useless lab exam,  do try setting up xampp or wamp.It’s more straight forward and easy.Thanks, Gopaal.

How today went by

Turn the alarm off at 6. Roll clockwise.Roll counter-clockwise. open eyes. 6:30.

Rush to college.

Get Question Paper.Answer Paper. Sleep. Face clockwise and sleep. Counter clockwise then. time 11:00 .

Answer Sheet remains Blank.

Get a couple of sheets from Jayakumar. Turn into a manual Xerox machine. Sleep. time 11:30. Sleep.

Wake up. everybody moves out. Write some  Two marks. Realize that actually knew a couple of 16 mark questions.

Give it a Damn and submit the answer sheet and come out. Still Half asleep.

Decide to set out with Maha(rani) and Benj3D. Have fun in train. Reach home .Talk about how to save the world ranging from American Weapons to Chinese Intentions and Pakistanese conspiracy to Indian Hackers. Have biriyani.

Forget Mobile at home. Go Get it. Finish Biriyani. Forget Money at home. Go Get it.

Go EspressAvenue. Sight.  Have fun. Join Mr. Habeeb. Shop. Have Fun. Return. Have Fun. Altogether had one awesome day.