How today went by

Turn the alarm off at 6. Roll clockwise.Roll counter-clockwise. open eyes. 6:30.

Rush to college.

Get Question Paper.Answer Paper. Sleep. Face clockwise and sleep. Counter clockwise then. time 11:00 .

Answer Sheet remains Blank.

Get a couple of sheets from Jayakumar. Turn into a manual Xerox machine. Sleep. time 11:30. Sleep.

Wake up. everybody moves out. Write some  Two marks. Realize that actually knew a couple of 16 mark questions.

Give it a Damn and submit the answer sheet and come out. Still Half asleep.

Decide to set out with Maha(rani) and Benj3D. Have fun in train. Reach home .Talk about how to save the world ranging from American Weapons to Chinese Intentions and Pakistanese conspiracy to Indian Hackers. Have biriyani.

Forget Mobile at home. Go Get it. Finish Biriyani. Forget Money at home. Go Get it.

Go EspressAvenue. Sight.  Have fun. Join Mr. Habeeb. Shop. Have Fun. Return. Have Fun. Altogether had one awesome day.



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