I have an Android Mobile. I have a Plan. I have a long way before putting them together.

  • Android runs upon a linux kernel basically, that opens me a wide range of possibilities.
  • We can use the serial port of the device,for things more than transferring files from pc.
  • Maybe I can use the port for a keyboard, or a mouse, or sticking in a USB storage , or anything, given its drivers are available. Since it’s a linux kernel, I won’t have any problem with getting drivers I fancy.
  • Android provides two modes of serial port operation-USB Accessory Mode-USB Host Mode and currently my device’s kernel doesn’t suppport USB Host mode Drivers. Thats Expected Problem# 1.
  • I have to flash my own ROM (cyanogenmod or similar) ,building a kernel with USB Host Mode Driver.
  • Doing this without bricking my device :  99% completed.
  • Buy a OTG Cable to convert microUSB male of my device into a USB Female port, or in my case I’m planning to make one myself(I read somewhere that grounding a specific terminal from normal MicroUSB to USB cable will tell the device to act as a host and provide power to the cable)!
  • Plug it, connect the device, Enjoy.

Someday When I’m rich enough to put me into  “Phone bricked? Never Mind”  state, I’ll surely try this.


2 thoughts on “My plan to turn my android mobile into a Portable Computer


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