This Guy Really Hates Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Python

I’ve been following Pilgrim’s Dive into Python.
It’s a steroid indeed, as mentioned by Arunmozhi.It Pulled me deeper into the language without exactly letting me learn the pitch I’m playing! That’s actually not a problem, as for me, I’m used to learning things from more-than-one-parallel-sources.
Caught up with this link: on his blog and I think this guy must be really hating Mark Pilgrim!


2 thoughts on “This Guy Really Hates Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Python

  1. It’s Zed Shaw, the guy who wrote Mongrel for Rails.

    Zed has never been known for pulling punches and if he doesn’t like something, you’ll find out very quickly about it.

    The post was from before he did it and I could be wrong about this, but the incident with Mark Pilgrim commiting “info suicide” last year may have something to do with why Zed doesn’t like Mark personally in addition to his design decisions.

    In the post at least, his biggest complaints are about the content and not the writer.

    Welcome to the world of developer drama where egos are the size of planets, tempers as viscious as solar flares and nothing fuels angst as well as differing programming philsophies.
    Get yourself a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show! ;)

    1. That was a lot of info!
      Zed seems to be the author of Learning Python The Hard Way and I never noticed!
      I’m yet to enter that Horrific World of developer drama :-) One Year to Go!


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