Eat Pray Django

Long Ago (or) make it Once Upon A Time, When I had to create a Web Software I had to finish dealing off with all the boring stuff before getting my hands dirty with my ‘Colourful Ideas’. Say,

  • I had to choose a ‘Nice Little database’  ,confuse with sqlite or mysql or postgreSQL or whatthefucksql
  • Once done, have to look up for handy functions to help manipulate the data from db
  • Hey, I’ve even tried writing some of those and believe me that’s the part when I think “Oh I will never try another idea, Never! “
  •  I’m from PHP Family of Wizards  and I worry a lot about selecting ‘what data’ to “what page” .I’ve never come across any frameworks before [I’m a noob, anyway.Apologize].
  • Once done,my mind becomes a monkey changing ideas, So obliged to make an awful lot of code changes to make it run along with my next big thing and this goes on and on, until one fine day, I give a damn to the whole thing and start writing my Maths assignments.

Right now! I’m in Love.

In Love with Django. Be it ‘mysql’ or ‘whatthefucksql’ , Now I just need to modify a couple of lines of code to switch db and  it gets me running with my next  ‘project’ . No more  “SELECT this FROM that ; “.  I define the models and Django sets me all up and gets me anything I need. No more .jsp or .php,  I’ve got these url patterns that handles the request.Selecting data for the request, its never been more easier! I write views to handle requests and render it with a template, capable of cascading. Thats Cool, Isn’t it?

And the cream in here is , I got to seperate data from the logic, and both completely from the presentation which makes them as “REUSABLE” units.  Oh, I like reusability. Nevermind, am a bad programmer,  ofcourse.  Django is Luxury.



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