DevLog: GPA Calculator v1.1

  • Came across this interesting code from vigneshmoha‘s and tried to write an optimized one myself.
  • This is something between a ‘Program’ and an ‘App’.
  • Used python to write a web-wrapper to retrieve latest result from anna university servers, parse the output, and end up with a finalized GPA.
  • Still, its just a raw python program and to make it accessible by the mass it has to be made into a web application.
  • I’m so poor, that I couldn’t host it with a domain and server. Well, I’ll use Google App Engine. Will have to stick to a framework. ‘webapp2’ is a bit complicated. Searching for django-app-engine solutions. Once done, It’ll be hosted in google’s infrastructure.
  • Shouldn’t take more than a few hours.
  • Find the code at github


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