Anna University GPA Calculator

Just finished v1.0 of GPA Calculator

Honestly, I’m tired of searching for django-appengine solutions! That was one hell of a try, worth nothing.

This is how it went.
I intended to keep the app simple and fast. Obviously, I’m not going to need any database, for an app that just calculates and returns GPA.

Thus Django might not be the best option, with it’s full exploitation lying in high level database abstraction. So, instead of barking up the wrong tree, I tried to work out the Job using the webapp2 Framework, which comes bundled with GAE SDK itself!

Surprisingly, it was fairly easy understanding the framework.

The next Big Thing was Fetching an awful lot of data from the wrapped page and using it without using db.
It needed to design a specific datastructure that could hold all those data, while keeping them simple to extract when necessary. Well, a python ‘Object’ might have sufficed, but again that adds a bit of complexity. Then, I had to solve it using ‘A List of Dictionaries’.
for eg. to fetch a row of data for a particular subject in a python dictionary

{"subject":"CS2301", "credit":4, "grade": "A", "result":"PASS"}

and to fetch the whole table, build a list of dictionaries for all corresponding subjects.
for eg.

     for each dictionary fetched: 

This gave me the complete result table in a single datastructure!

Almost done, had a bit of trouble passing the list variable to template. Working it out, it was done, Finally! The One Click Anna University GPA Calculator now, faster and better!
Code @

Oh, and Don’t ask me that question! Without db why Python, why not Javascript? I wanted to learn something. I got it.



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