Am I weird?

This is what happening to me, quite a few days recently.

College era Starts. I ‘force’ shut down my computer at say, 12:30. I force shut down my eye lid. With my eyes closed, I think of why Jesus stresses on ‘love’, when He as well as Everybody else know , that whomever we love is not going to be with us all through our life. Then, I think of how the BIOS prints to the display of my computer when it hasn’t yet loaded any drivers, not even an Operating System, but it does it. Eyes Open. Then, I think of why I’m not able to sleep.
Then throw away my blanket, rise up and sit in front my computer, with absolutely no idea what I’m upto. Time is 1:46 by now.

Generally I land up reading something on someone’s blog, or doing something, and logging it in my own blog.
Is this perfectly normal? or am I going weird?


2 thoughts on “Am I weird?


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