• Pulled through a few nights, for tuning the look of the website, though most of it were plagiarized :-)
  • My Part – Added a Registration facility, that takes a mailing address and sends an email for getting OD in their college.
  • Wrote a script for generating RSS Feed for the website. This , what I call ‘RSS feeds’ is just about pulling and pushing Latest Updates of the Event!
  • Synchronized a ‘Live Tile’ to read the RSS Feed and generate its content for Latest Updates. That was Cool!
  • Except, It didn’t work with my free hosting on byethost. That was way too weird, strange and unjust for all the work I’ve done. The why’s, what’s, messed my day.
  • There’s nothing I can do about that. I have to shift to another similar free host.
  • Works perfect in x10hosting, but incredibly slow. 000webhost does well both ways. So thumbs up! Have to map to 000webhost
  • Everything done with Php. I’m so obsessed with Python, that I almost forgot php. Anyway, working on this was a refresh button.

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