DevLog: MTalk – An Android app to aid info passing @ events and meetups

  • Actually targetted to help conducting Symposium (Celestia 12.0), unfornately Celestia 12.0 is dead! Stopped. for a dumb thing, that is not even close to anything like a reason.
  • Anyway, learned a bunch of stuff on the way. This is one. I’m trying to develop an Android App that is basically an RSS Reader, which synchronizes latest news from the web and puts it personalized in your mobile.
  • Well, the other way of seeing it, goes like this. People install it on their mobile before coming to my Meet or Event. I don’t get the announcement mic which is busy working for another speaker, so I couldn’t tell you that the world’s going to End. Now. So, I update it in my news feed. Mtalk listens to it and notifies you to run for your lives. Thats it.
  • Or I might even make Mtalk to tell you where the Lunch is served at :-)
  • Thanks to Cordova, I don’t have to fight with Java. Awwww, I’l rather eat glass.
  • jQuery rocks. jQuery Mobile sets me free from Zero level UI-Design.
  • Everything is fine except some schezophrenic bugs that doesn’t occur in browsers, but laughs at me when deploying on simulator.
  • Lost a Good Night Sleep and I’m not even half way through. Might take a couple more nights. Its 7 in the morn, and I’m already sleepy.
  • Code @
    My works stay inside primary Js File.

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