Results Out. I Have to Vent Out My Side Of Justice.

People who don’t know me enough, or those who think I’m much of a show off, or a lame speaker, have every right NOT TO READ this Post. This will be a waste of time for you, and you’ll probably be better off doing useful stuff

Results are out.
I’ve cleared the exam, with the lowest possible grades a typical Anna University Student can ever score.
I’m quiet happy, still.
Regarding the marks and grades, I know why the curve was falling low.
Stupid excuses might be something like this,

  • I have a very bad handwriting, especially when it comes to exams :-)
  • The students who fall behind and infront of me have exeptionally good handwriting, who even bring sparkling pens to Exam, to highlight keywords. assuming ofcourse, they were keywords.
  • I know my internal marks were at ground level, thanks to all the faculty who hate me. I just don’t care about that, anyhow(I have to mention, there wouldn’t be a single assignment on their desks named with mine, and I was compensating for the previous sleepless night, in every Internal and Model Exams).

But we all know they are lame .

Truth is this,
Its been a long time, since I lost my trust with the College

All those useless notes which end up serving as ‘groundnuts covers’ , memorizing competitions named as Exams, namesake assignments which share resemblance with that of whole class, Labs that train students to become an excellent cross platform Xerox Machines, more than an Engineer and there are a very few, who are even capable of thinking about these contradictions.

Unfortunately, I know Marks are Important. Again, I know its only till the First Job. I don’t want to waste a full 4 years, sacrificing my passion for memorizing competitions that fetch me a Place in TCS or Wipro.

Well, coming back to my search on the low grades, ah yes! I found it. Its because,

Don’t tell me, I should’ve done all these stuff in my ‘freetime’ and set schedule for Exam Preparations ! My passion, is not my hobby. No. Its something that when I start, makes me forget the number of days and nights passing by.

and I’m happy with passing through the exam, with that little effort I put, hours before them.
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