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Compatibility Exam for Lecturers

So called Lecturers, keep away! Real Lecturers go on.

These are my outbursts of why Engineers are not Engineers. I can’t pay for you having contradictory ideas, and this post is not even intended to mean anything serious.

The Compatibility Exam for School Teachers had touched a new nerve.
Happened to read @ yuvi’s, about the epic fail.

Well, I have to say, scenarios in college level is no better. If things had to be changed here, I’d say it be an implementation of Compatibility Exam for lecturers.
Firing faculties who lack a PhD will chain up a shut down of quiet a plethora of Institutions, and a majority of them will be left with none, but Dept. HODs, assuming ofcourse, they atleast, have their Doctorates. This makes, a Lecturer Compatibility Test essential and even might preserve deserving Staff who can produce real Engineers.

My ideas to test lecturer compatibility would be : (C’mon, I know they are silly! Limited to apply only to CSE Dept.)

  • Every Staff who handles OS, should have built a minor Linux Package, which will consist only of minimalistic utilities just for a sole purpose. Thanks, Linux From Scratch.
  • Every staff who handles DBMS should’ve worked to build an realtime enterprise Application. I remember how my DBMS lecturer stumbled when asked, why use a database in the first place, when data can be stored in various other states.
  • People who handle Web Technology should have created a Website, to show and explain a bit more practically. Not read some mumbo jumbo and write tags and syntax on black board.
  • Staff who handle Object Oriented Programming and other Language Oriented Papers should have done a small Project twice. One with a completely Procedural approach and one with an Object Oriented way and explain why OOP exists and is better. Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and things of that sort are the artifacts of OOP, which we know. What we don’t know yet is, how they can be used to create our next Android App.
  • Somebody shut down my mind and walk me to sleep.

Real Staff, who consider them as fit enough, to make ‘Future Engineers’ would have found no contradiction reading the above. Others are welcome to leave a Comment or bust me personally :-)