Late Night Scribbling #47

I’ve been brooding on whatabouts for my Final Year Project, over a few days.
Say, I want it to be the Next Big Thing. Say, I’m a computer scientist wearing big black spectacles.

Talking about my project it needs to be Big. Something that will change things for ever, for better.
I could invent an application. Digging in, re-invent the way applications are written. Still digging, In the farthest depth, Change the thing that processes things like that. So, there is it. The Processors.
Let me take a closer look.

Every program written( probably the only thing I can do about Computers), gets broken down to Instructions.
Instructions that subsets the Instruction set of the Processor specific to me.
So there are two things that a Scientist can do. Invent processors with an ever rich Instruction Set with an enormous Clock Speed. That would mean, go back to the days of turing and re-invent the way 1’s and 0’s are processed.
Such as a Never Never Processor that would read, execute, store a loop of instructions in a single cycle. No that will never be possible.
Someone said the processor performance depends on
Number of Instruction Executions x Steps for Execution / Clock Speed

So, to change things in a better way three things can be done.
1) Increase the Clock rate, that the No of Instructions and Steps become trivial
2) Decrease No of Instructions for an Operation
3) Decrease the steps needed to execute the Instruction

There’s nothing I can do about the first most, for neither I own Intel, nor do I know anythng more about it.
The Third again, seems to be too ‘hardwaric’, and limits my interference. Though Caches and buffers do the work of optimizing the ‘Steps’ part, It could be made still better by changing the way 010101’s are stored and retrieved.
The Second seems a bit appealing to me.
Decrease the No of Instructions. Basically, its Compilers which look into matters as such. That implies, I should develop a compiler with a tag- “Works best with Processor XXX1234”
Schedule a meet over Intel or AMD’s CEO, sign a paper for getting their future secrets of their next generation processors plans and their architectural innovations and write a Compiler exclusively for them such as to utilize its every feature and every extra register.
This compiler would take a 10 line long source program and emit three or four instruction long machine code.
That’s more like it.

Coming to reality, neither am I a Computer Scientist nor do I know the alpahabets of Compilers at this time.
I’m not even close to anything like a complete programmer.

So What! Nothing wrong in writing down dreams, before Sleeping :-)



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