A long unordered random TO-DO List

I’m missing out things, just hitting on exams and an half dead windows box.
Most of all, I’m missing a random TO-DO List
Wait, too much time of idleness had stagnated a lot of things

  • A Final Year Project, that sustains.
  • Write a pure Java based Android App.
  • Get a little more friendly with Windows based development. Taste a pinch of .NET framework and don’t forget WinRT either.
  • HTML5 still seems to be of close reach, but it’s not so, not yet. A kind of hallucination that often occurs at every advanced beginner level. Fix that up.
  • Do some Javascript. Real Javascript.
  • I’m doing pretty good with scripting langs, evidently. Lean more on runtime centric compiled langs. Choosing C++.
  • C and OS(or call it linux) internals. Long term one’s perhaps.

That’s a long complicated list of things I want to do. Will try to scratch them off, one at a time. I might not be able to touch them all, but atleast a ‘few lot’ of them!
With Exams disappearing by December, off the horizons, I’m likely to have 2-3 bunches of 30 days before I get kicked out of college. Those days might be the last of their kind.



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