My Vision of Talking Intelligent Devices

Almost accidently I hit upon this idea of talking protovol for future devices..
Came up with a Proposal of Standardization , which implemented, makes a future, full of Talking Intelligent Devices.

I wrote a Simulation Program (see code) for demonstrating Real World Scenario with four intelligent Objects that talk with each other. I call it AICP – Artificial Intelligence Communication Protocol
It simulates the ‘Talking’ between an Intelligent Door, Clock, PC and a Person’s wristChip and their actions resulting in a chain of events.
It’s a model Software Implementation of the Concept and differs not much by Hardware.

This can be compared to how ‘System Calls’ in Operating Systems are standardized by POSIX and how user applications can Exploit the standard system calls resulting in more efficient units of utility.

With vast advancement in microcomputing and smartdevices everywhere, it might not be, just the mobile, we carry, which is a computer.
Clocks hanging around, TVs, Cars and probably everything around are likely to become individual units of Computing in the near future.

In such a world, It just doesn’t seem right, if the devices isolate and operate with their own set of supportive operations. They need to Talk. Talk among themselves. They need to be a part of a Bigger Network. I just don’t mind whether, it’s the Internet or qweqwedsfadsNet.

What I propose is “Devices as functional units, having their own set of Receptons and Emitons which act like communication Language. Each functional device interrupts appropriate signals which subsets their supported ‘Receptons’ and endup by doing an ‘Action’ and Communicate its status through its ‘Emitons’ specifications, that might be picked up by Receptons of other devices.

I know its sort of weird and makes it hard to grasp my wavelength.
The ‘Readme’ in the Simulation Program might help a bit.

In simpler terms, using this strategy of device communication, a highly complex robot might be manufactured as individual functional units of components. Say, a ‘Hand Device(for the bot)’ that looks for ‘Hold and Place’ Signals through its Receptons and performs appropriate actions based on its programmed operations and emit Signals to be used by other parts of the Robot.

Thus, to manufacture one such ‘Hand’ or a ‘Leg’ of a specific bot, We just need to frame what type of Signals, it recepts from the ‘Standard set of Signals’ and program it to be perform “Action”, along with emitting Signals to recepted by other parts of the bot.

Waiting for the future.



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