• wrote a django view and model to catch the json from customer client, store as it is, in a jsonString column. Instead of causing unwanted overhead by parsing it, splitting it across attributes etc, I think if we store the json as it is, in a column and leave the rest of parsing stuff to the ‘OrderProcessing Client’ it might turn simple and straightforward. Still not sure if it’s the best way to do it, but I’m trying to get it to a working model as soon as possible. So, it’s excusable as for now. Features and fixes, reserved for next iteration :-)
  • A minor change in ajax call #dataType to support current change and that’s it. Nothing much of code today.
  • Designed an architecture visual of #Automenu project.
  • TODO: A browser based UI for OrderProcessing client. Need to remember, it might not essentialy be an Android device.
  • Work a way out to perform cross domain requests and things of that sort.




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