The Anatomy Of Getting Degree @ Anna University

He keeps wondering and wondering what exactly a Final Year Project should look like.
He thinks that it might be like developing something that’s both creative and useful for the world, built ground up by applying whatever technologies he mastered through all the past four years and beam it into a product that will give him a phenomenal industry experience of developing a real time software and asdhfsldahfdklshfl…wait a minute…

“Whats that flyleaf, there?”

“IEEE B.E Final Year Projects”
* Full Source Code of ready-made Projects with reference(uh?) IEEE Paper
* Complete guidance for all external asked questions
* Full Documentation for all the reviews
* First 15 days technical education(yes, we teach whatever you failed to learn in 4 years in 15 days, yes.) with Certificate
* Next 15 days classes for teaching what the ready made project actually is
* Guidance offered till Project Display
* Only 10,500/- per team of three
* We were the ones who fucked up Education as much as the University itself did and we will keep going



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