Wrote this snippet of code, to log my progress through the books I’m going through, and post it to my wordpress.
Tried to make it a chrome extension, but felt better off putting it as a bookmarklet.
I simply took the chapter information from url suffix, calculated percentage of completion of the chapter by interpolating scroll bar position and overall scroll height, and arbitrarily computed the book’s name by url splitting and from title. All these data get’s stitched together as a log and is thrown to wordpress. Though not elegant enough, would be ultimately useful for me.
Simple to use. Create a new bookmark, and put the gist/code inside the url part. Save and use the bookmark to log your progress through the book, as and when needed.
This will remind me of those reading stuff that I left to hell, and a lot more than that. After all logging is good for health :-)
The Readlog I was talking here, had come to life.



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