Monthly Archives: February 2013

Code Complete(ely lost)

#Automenu project was put on hold, thanks to a hard disk crash.
But the whole server side handler code for the client vanished along with it. I spent an awful lot of my time in it and it’s gone. Forever. Worst feeling ever.
I refrained from pushng it to github, on purpose.
Either I have to drop the project or rewrite the server side.
More time. I’ve never wanted to say this thing, but
“24 hours, seems not enough”, sigh! I just did say it.


The C Programming Language

Done with half of TCPL Book.
The flow is too simple and elegant, that it contradicts with the fact, that the author was the creator of the Language.
Picked up a pair of must-know-but-never-knew concepts regarding pointers, arrays, why *argc[] are used instead of an array of array of strings in command line arguments and more.
C is good.