Monthly Archives: May 2013

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This blog is an archive of all my curiosity and its consequences, mixed up with rants that make sense and some not, and my novice start.

Maybe someday, I’ll come back to wordpress. Untill that happens, let’s put this to sleep :-)
/* In Bane’s voice */ You will live.



I had a previous one, incomplete. So, what? Lets write another!

  • Complete the previous one
  • Don’t write anymore ToDo’s before terminating it
  • Geekosium [pending], [pending], E-Commerce nextGen [not-yet-started]
  • Go down, have a meal and start kicking some ass in Counter Strike :-)
  • Wait, Habitator remains just there as it was two weeks ago. Have mercy on it. Write to iThoughts people, before you are completely forgotten.