I don’t know.
I can’t sleep.
Thoughts seemed to have haunted my mind for eternity.
I don’t know.

I close my eyes and the next thing I remember is catching my brain wireframe this never existing xyz app from the neverneverland.
I don’t know.
I close my eyes and the next moment my evil soul rides the future to see what’s missing.

Again, I close my eyes only to get this gnawing guilt of dreaming too much, doing nothing.
So, I wake up switch on my dying linux box only to see its struggle to breath.

One shift key on my ‘zippys’ is pressed down- permanently. The other, doesn’t work.
There are atleast 4 keys which needs a slightly increased pressure level to actually send the input interrupt, and my sleepy brain just gets confused what pressure maps to what keys.
So, I try to use the same working pressure level on all keys and constantly informing my brain its worth it, though it disagrees. Everytime I press.

The scroll on my mouse is dead. Clicking the GUI scroll controls makes my operating system go unresponsive almost all the time.

I cant sleep. I don’t know why.



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