Monthly Archives: October 2013

Thoughts 23:42, October 7

Keeping devlogs aren’t exactly working.
My github streak has hit a maximum of 18 days and then broke to pieces.
As of now, all the code I write is a direct result of a panic race to get the first working version out.

Well, that’s not very good for me and the rest.
I’m trying to devote time to hang on with other stuff. Things – apart from get-shit-done world.
I’m going to wake early, get-shit-done early, and devote atleast a couple of hours/day for writing open source code/reading/hacking/etc.

Let’s see how this goes.
Very easy to say at 00:00, but not so at the wake of mornings!

Let’s put this on publicly to atleast remind me what I should be doing.