Monthly Archives: December 2013


My blog is becoming more of an ‘Oath Machine’ nowadays.
Let’s be technical and call it Oa(u)th. Open Authentication, makes sense? no? fine.

I will try and make one meaningful code commit, for any open source project(mine or forked). Everyday.

Wake up early no matter how late I crash.

Make use of TwentyOneDays(App that I built #Proudly #Android) to keep track of the above and improve.

**3.0 is not as serious.

Thoughts at 0100 Hrs

Sleep is turning into my biggest mistake, I can’t resist to commit.
I sleep. I wake up. Walk/ride to research park. Code. Walk/ride home back. Sleep.

There’s a terrible fall in my pace of writing.
Less social writes.
Less blog writes.

Well, that’s because I have nothing to tell.
Nothing to rant about.
Nothing to write about.
That’s what happens when your life becomes the code you write.
No story to tell. That’s an issue.
Serious one.

Got to fix that up.
Get work done quickly. Sacrifice sleep. Do/Experience stuff that you want to tell people.