Monthly Archives: January 2014

Live Tomorrow

HumblePaper’s document assembly product goes live tomorrow (hopefully).

From then on, all the code I write should work, scale, sustain and be DRY.


I’ve Seen The Future

I’ve seen the future of restaurants.
A future where nobody fights for a counter to order food.
A future where people don’t stand beside you giving menu cards, and writing down orders.
A future where menu cards speak for themselves.
A future where menu cards take your order, and talk to its chef.
A future where even your mobile could become a menu card.
A future where menu cards learn from your choices.
I’ve seen it all.

Now wait till someone, makes the future happen.

Fighting AngularJs

I’ve been doing a lot of AngularJs lately.
One fact about angularjs is that, initially you like the magic that comes down with angular, but soon get lost in loose conventions and the freedom it gives.
Well, I’m logging some writes I found interesting, regarding the issue and how to go about it.

I’ve read some till the bottom line, and some not.
Bookmarking them here, to catch later.