I’m gonna sleep

A whole damn day with the computer and just a couple of lines code.
I’ve sheltered too much of unproductivity.

I’m going to try this.
I’ll sleep now –
Try getting up early –
And, see how it goes.

Always Be Coding…
Always Be Coding…
Always Be Coding…


Feeling Awesome

I’m feeling awesome.
Part of it is because, my current github Streak is the maximum of the year.
The other part is because life’s everything I really wanted it to be.
Working on something that calls for lines of code and not papers of reports.
Working from anywhere, just to get shit done.
Working at unusual timings, say 2 at night? (not very unusual for me, though).
Working on something, that includes my tiny teeny weeny try to change the world as it is.

The best part is I’m being paid for this. Yes, I’m fucking given MONEY, for all this. You’ve got no idea how that feels!

I’m a genius – complement.

Would you believe me if I told you I’ve tried to code something remotely close to a neural network, for intelligent machine communication, without any idea of neural networks?

This is a bit of buggy, shitty code that I wrote almost a year back.

This is something I came across today.

I know where I am.
I’ve been into this coding business for a few years now – starting from my college-hood.
But I’m nowhere near good neither in Code, nor in Business.

I’m trying to connect the dots all the way, and so far so good.

Part of the plan is, I’m about to start ‘coding’ for ‘business’

This is something what I’ve been doing already. I’m just about to add a pinch of salt and a spoon of ‘seriousness’ in it.

Let the son of mask and luck be with me.

I don’t know.
I can’t sleep.
Thoughts seemed to have haunted my mind for eternity.
I don’t know.

I close my eyes and the next thing I remember is catching my brain wireframe this never existing xyz app from the neverneverland.
I don’t know.
I close my eyes and the next moment my evil soul rides the future to see what’s missing.

Again, I close my eyes only to get this gnawing guilt of dreaming too much, doing nothing.
So, I wake up switch on my dying linux box only to see its struggle to breath.

One shift key on my ‘zippys’ is pressed down- permanently. The other, doesn’t work.
There are atleast 4 keys which needs a slightly increased pressure level to actually send the input interrupt, and my sleepy brain just gets confused what pressure maps to what keys.
So, I try to use the same working pressure level on all keys and constantly informing my brain its worth it, though it disagrees. Everytime I press.

The scroll on my mouse is dead. Clicking the GUI scroll controls makes my operating system go unresponsive almost all the time.

I cant sleep. I don’t know why.

Bleeding Bricks

How do you react when one of your friends keep telling you this,
“If only I learned Java, I would have been a Programmer”
“Anybody can be a programmer”
“Black Eyed Peas guy is a programmer. Anyone can.”
“Zuckerberg was a psychiatrist. Anybody can program”

And you are that guy who build stuff constantly thinking of minimizing memory leaks, hunting efficient algorithms, doing the math to place that tiny button consistently over a series of screen sizes using absolute metrics, writing the data model and constantly graphing the flow of logic, murdering the bug that fucked up your entire system, and then that statement…

“If only I had studied Java….”

Bleeding bricks.

LifeLog : July-August ’13

I’m working with a couple of others, building a contract negotiation platform on the cloud.
It’s a three byte sized company, incubated at IITM Research Park.

I’ve passed out of my college a few months ago (actually, several).
I don’t yet know my GPA of the last semester.
I haven’t computed my Cumulative Grade.
No, I don’t give shit. Neither does my peers/founder nor my Mac.

P.S I even lost my HSC and HSLC Certificates, without which it’s impossible to find a white collar, they say.

P.S And I found them not until recently and they are buried into a dusty file.

It’s cool working with people who don’t lift eyebrows for marks.

Error 404

This Blog is moved to joelewis.herokuapp.com.
This blog is an archive of all my curiosity and its consequences, mixed up with rants that make sense and some not, and my novice start.

Maybe someday, I’ll come back to wordpress. Untill that happens, let’s put this to sleep :-)
/* In Bane’s voice */ You will live.


I had a previous one, incomplete. So, what? Lets write another!

  • Complete the previous one
  • Don’t write anymore ToDo’s before terminating it
  • Geekosium [pending], Slam.me [pending], E-Commerce nextGen [not-yet-started]
  • Go down, have a meal and start kicking some ass in Counter Strike :-)
  • Wait, Habitator remains just there as it was two weeks ago. Have mercy on it. Write to iThoughts people, before you are completely forgotten.
  • Everthing Ends

    I’m moving my blog from wordpresss to my own blogging platform.
    I will be using gists to hold my posts and serve it with a custom django server at http://joelewis.herokuapp.com.
    Let me see how far this might roll and meanwhile, I’ve got my story to tell.
    My graduation projecy met its other end in the most blunt way possible.
    I’ve already written a page long story about ithere and presented it for examination today.

    This is what happened.
    We discuss a lot of things on how to present the project, the most impressive way. I grab my broken specs and the report, that weighs almost 80 pages of meaningless scribbles and barge into the classroom in haste along with #Benjamin and #Maharaja.
    “Go straight to the modules part” says the external.
    We, skip through the slides to the modules part, with a little pain seeing them go useless.
    “So this is how the project is divided…”, I started and on it went with us trying to grab the external’s focus while He constantly looks at his watch, awaiting his delicious lunch.
    “So, how many more batches, we have sir?”, the external asks our staff, counting his time delay for ‘lunching’.
    We at the other end, project our screenshots of how we implied the algorithm to categorize news feeds in an android device.
    By this time, we pretty much gained his focus on us.
    “Enda center la pa paneenga?”, he questions and we said its built in-house with a slight tone of pride.
    He never minds. After his brief advice to extend the project to implement a lie detector (which was in no way, not even remotely comaparable with out project), he says good and it comes to an end. THE END.
    No, questions on how we did it. No, questions on what technologies we used. No, not even were we asked to show the project. It got to the end over a wink.
    Well, this is anna university’s model for examining projects. No offense, but I spelt anna university as not-a-noun, and failed to capitalize it on purpose. No, it doesn’t deserve capitalization. Not even in alphabets.
    God help future Engineers, especially from Anna University affliates.